We craft our chocolates with the finest and freshest ingredients. Our chocolates do not contain any additives or preservatives. Because of this, they should be enjoyed within a certain time frame to ensure optimal flavor. Most of our products have a 6 - 9 month shelf life and each package also includes a "Best By" date.

  • Store your chocolate at room temperature, ideally between 65 - 72 degrees
  • Do not refrigerate
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and odors
  • Seal in an airtight container or wrap with plastic wrap

Fresh Fruit Seasonal Selections & Pastries

In addition to our chocolates, Bissinger's also crafts confections with fresh fruit at different times of the year. Please see chart below for their freshness and storage recommendations.

Item Freshness Period Refrigeration
Chocolate-Covered Raspberries 5-7 days yes
Chocolate-Covered Blackberries 5-7 days yes
Petit Fours 1 month no
French Macarons 2 months no
Fresh Cream Truffles 2 weeks no