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La Petite Boutique
At Bissinger's, we take our profound love of chocolate very seriously. Our rich history of confection craftsmanship has endured for over 350 years--and the Bissinger family's singular passion and privilege to hand craft the finest chocolate in the world still remains. To this day, we remain a family owned business with a true appreciation and love for chocolate.

 Our recipe was originally created and enjoyed by European nobility. But today, we still use the same timeless recipes, crafted in new and inventive ways for all who appreciate a truly luxurious chocolate experience.  We believe in preserving the old world techniques necessary for exquisite quality, using copper kettles and preparing our recipes in small batches. 
Our goal has never been to be the biggest chocolatier in the world, only the finest.
We proudly wear the Bissinger family crest as a constant reminder that we are the guardians of a distinctive legacy of European chocolate excellence.
Our award-winning Chocolates Assortments, Chocolate Bars, Wine Grapes and Gummy Pandas are sold at specialty boutiques, grocery stores and department stores nationwide!
Barnes & Noble, The Paper Source, Straubs, Dierbergs, Whole Foods, Marianos, Mollie Stones, Ralph's, Central Markets, Hallmark, DiBruno Bros., For The Love of Chocolate, AJ's Fine Foods, Bristol Farms.

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