Classic Caramel Collection - 15 Piece

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A classic for over 300 years, this 15-piece, masterfully crafted collection features Bear Claws Royale, Macadamia Nut Caramels, Versailles Vanilla, Regal Raspberry and classic Chocolate Caramels.

15 pcs., Assorted
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The legacy of Bissinger's classic caramel dates back over 300 years, when our European namesakes masterfully crafted this confection for King Louis XIV and his contemporaries. Today, we have refined our recipe to include contemporary flavors and ingredients not available in 17th Century Europe. Yet we continue to craft it in the same, precise, hand-crafted tradition, in small batches, stirred by hand in copper kettles to yield the ideal texture, before bathing in luxurious milk or dark chocolate.

Collection includes: Versailles Vanilla, Regal Raspberry, Classic Chocolate Caramels, Mac & Caramels, Bear Claws Royale

Versailles Vanilla Caramels
During the late 1600s, Louis XIV and his courtiers chose the Palace at Versailles as one of their personal residences. We imagine them sitting in grand rooms, partaking of sweet caramel confections much like those we still craft today. This classic vanilla caramel gives nod to its historic heritage.

Regal Raspberry Caramels
We gently fold in natural raspberry juices, seeds and dried raspberry to our signature caramel recipe for an intense raspberry flavor. This lusciously sweet center is then drenched in our infamous chocolate, for the perfect balance of caramel, chocolate and raspberry. Enjoy in small bites to experience best

Classic Chocolate Caramels
A luscious layering of chocolate in two distinct textures. Inside the rich chocolate coating you'll discover our classic caramel that's been blended with even more chocolate.

Macadamia & Caramels
Bissinger's Versailles vanilla caramel mixed together with premium Macadamia nuts - the luscious combination of premium nuts and chocolate will make the ultimate combination.

Bear Claws Royale
One of our most popular, signature pieces combines rich caramel, crunchy pecans and velvety chocolate with an uncompromising eye for quality and balance. The fresh-from-the-shell pecans are drenched in smooth vanilla caramel and enrobed in milk chocolate to create a deliciously decadent taste experience.
15 pcs., Assorted

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