When was Bissinger's established?
The history of Bissinger's dates back to 17th-century France, where the Bissinger family began creating delicacies that were enjoyed by European nobility, heads of state and important historic figures such as King Louis XIV, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ludwig of Bavaria and the Rothschild's. Karl Bissinger, the company's namesake, left the country in 1845, taking with him his loyal Master Confectioner and all of the Bissinger family secrets. He settled in the United States near Cincinnati, Ohio, where he opened the very first Bissinger's store. To learn more about our history, please visit the About Us section of our website.

How long has Bissinger's been in St. Louis?
In 1927, Karl Bissinger's son, also named Karl, moved to St. Louis and opened his own shop on McPherson Avenue. Today, one Bissinger's locations can be found in St. Louis in Plaza Frontenac Mall, Saint Louis Galleria Mall and at the Candy Kitchen where the confections are hand-made (just a few miles from the original McPherson store).

How does Bissinger's differ from other high-end chocolate companies?
Bissinger's is a premium handcrafted chocolatier with roots dating back to the 17th century. Unlike many high-end chocolate companies, our selections are still made in small batches, using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation by the Bissinger family. In fact, many of our extraordinary confections are still made using original recipes from the Bissinger Family Cookbook, dated 1899. We pride ourselves on our ability to blend a rich tradition with a spirit of innovation, and we never sacrifice quality ingredients, taste or craftsmanship to produce more confections at a lower cost.

How does your pricing compare to other chocolate companies?
Bissinger's handcrafts each confection with the utmost care and offers only a perfect finished product to our customers. Our prices reflect the effort that goes into each of our pieces, as well as the high-quality ingredients we use to craft them. We never sacrifice quality to make more confections at a lower cost, but we do strive to make products that are as unforgettable as they are affordable, so our price points vary to please every budget.

How are Bissinger's confections made?
Bissinger's has been handcrafting fine French confections for over 350 years, and we still make our artisanal chocolates the old-fashioned way: in small batches, in copper kettles and with the utmost care and attention.

What is your most popular confection?
The Imperial Collection offers a variety of flavors and is our best-selling collection series. Favorite individual items include Chocolate-Covered Raspberries and Blackberries (only available during certain months), Chocolate-Dipped Oranges and Apricots and signature items such as Chocolate Caramel Lollipops and Molasses Puffs. Newer innovations, such as Chocolate-Covered Wine Grapes, our Chocolate Bar collection and Salt Caramels are also popular.

What do you mean when you use the word "healthful" to describe your confections?
Because Bissinger's focuses on integrity of ingredients from the start, our chocolates require less processing than other confections. This allows them to retain higher levels of antioxidants. Additionally, we utilize better-for-you ingredients like nutrient-rich fruits, nuts and seeds, adding a more healthful boost to our treats.

What is an ORAC Value?
Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is a method for measuring the antioxidant levels in food. Multiple studies have shown that foods with high ORAC levels--such as blueberries and açai berries---may help reduce the risk of heart disease and slow the aging process. Bissinger's 60% Dark Chocolate has an ORAC value of 261, and our 75% Dark Chocolate boasts an ORAC value of 347---which comes in at six and eleven times the ORAC value found in blueberries, respectively.

Does Bissinger's have products that cater to special diets?
Yes. Bissinger's maintains a strong commitment to premium and many of our products are gluten-free. For special dietary needs, we do encourage that customers check the ingredients of each item carefully--especially concerning allergies--as many of our products are produced in a facility that uses milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and eggs.

What is the shelf life of Bissinger's confections?
Many of the recipes used to craft our confections were created in a time where refrigeration was scarce. Therefore, they needed to be able to last, while still retaining their high-quality taste. Because we still use many of those original recipes today, our products have retained their long shelf life, lasting approximately 6-9 months without the assistance of additives or preservatives.

What is the best way to store Bissinger's confections?
Bissinger's confections are best stored in a cool, dry area (65° to 70° F), without refrigeration.

What is bloom?
Bloom is a condition that affects the surface of chocolate, and gives it a dull, white appearance. There are two types of bloom: sugar and fat bloom. Sugar bloom feels gritty and rough to the touch, whereas fat bloom has an oily or greasy feel. Sugar bloom is caused by the condensation of water vapor from the air onto the surface of the chocolate. The sugar in the chocolate dissolves in the water, causing the water to evaporate and the sugar crystals to remain on the chocolate. Fat bloom is caused by the migration of cocoa butter crystals to the chocolate's surface, which leads to recrystallization. Bloom typically occurs when chocolate is exposed to warm or fluctuating temperatures, and while it may alter texture, it does not affect the taste of chocolate.

Where are Bissinger's Stores located?
Bissinger's has three retail locations in the United States:

Bissinger's at Plaza Frontenac
97 Plaza Frontenac
Saint Louis, Missouri 63131

Bissinger's at Saint Louis Galleria
1421 Saint Louis Galleria St
Saint Louis, MO 63117

Bissinger's at the Candy Kitchen
5025 Pattison Ave.
Saint Louis, Missouri 63110

Additionally, our confections can be purchased online, through any of the catalogs we distribute each year, or via a number of gourmet retailers across the country, including:

Whole Foods Market
Neiman Marcus
Central Markets

Do you sell business gifts?
Yes. Bissinger's offers a number of corporate-focused gifts such as assortment boxes. Contact our business gifts team at 314.615.2400 or to place a custom order.

I would like to carry Bissinger's products in my retail store. Who should I contact?
If you are interested in carrying Bissinger's products in your store, please contact our wholesale team at or call 888.247.7464.

What support do you offer retailers who carry your products?
Along with our cutting-edge product line, Bissinger's is committed to boosting added value through our fixture program, planograms, marketing material, training classes, demos and strategic expertise from our wholesale and marketing teams.

How does Bissinger's help ensure responsible production?
Bissinger's candy kitchen is partially powered by SOLAR PANELS. We also use LED lighting, have installed a new white reflective roof with a high R-Value to reduce our energy needs. We also implement streamlined recycling programs within our corporate offices in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, several of our product lines are made from cocoa sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Farms, which help conserve biodiversity and improve the well being of farmers, their families and our planet.