Business Gifts

At Bissinger's, we take our profound love of chocolate very seriously. Our rich history of confection craftsmanship spans over 350 years—and the Bissinger family's singular passion and privilege to handcraft the finest chocolate in the world still remains. When you give Bissinger's, you are giving the best, you are giving a story—a luxurious taste of handcrafted European heritage that shows the recipient just how special they are.

To order: Please contact corporate sales at or 314.615.2400.

We make gifts for every taste and every budget. The categories below are suggestions to help you find the kind of gift you are looking to give:

VIP Section: Gifts $60 and up

Grande Gift Towers

-Four-Box Collection includes an assortment of our favorite Connoisseur Collection, a box of Bear Claws Royale, a box of English Almond Toffee and Chocolate-Covered Blueberries.

-Three-Box Collection includes Bear Claws Royale, English Almond Toffee and Chocolate-Covered Blueberries.

-Two-Box Collection features both the Bear Claws Royale and English Almond Toffee.

Four-Box Collection | $150
Three-Box Collection | $80
Two-Box Collection | $60

A Special Thanks: Gifts $30-$50

Bear Claws Royale

Caramel and pecans drenched in milk or dark chocolate.
10 pcs. | $34

Bear Claws

Imperial Collection

This distinctive sampling offers a selection of intriguing Bissinger's signature chocolates that offer an ever-so-modern twist.
**Requires purchase of custom mold
23 pcs. | $42

Imperial Collection

English Almond Toffee

Buttery almond toffee enrobed in rich milk chocolate.
35 pcs. | $38

Almond Toffee

Imperial Collection With Logo Bar

Inspired favorites in both milk and dark chocolate. Logo Bar can be "embossed" with logo or message of your choice.
**Requires purchase of custom mold
15 pcs. | $36

Imperial Collection

Tokens of Appreciation: Gifts Under $30

Logo Bars Customizable Logo Bars

Help clients and prospects remember your company, meeting or presentation. Choose from 2"x 3" and 4"x 7" sizes in milk, dark or white chocolate. Customizable Logo Bar can be "embossed" with logo or message of your choice.
**Requires purchase of custom mold

2" x 3" white | $8
2" x 3" milk | $8
2" x 3" dark | $8
4" x 7" white | $18
4" x 7" milk | $18
4" x 7" dark | $18

Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Bar Collection

-Caramel Collection includes Dulce de Leche, Coconut Caramel and Banana Pecan Caramel.

-Comfort Collection includes Peanut Butter & Maple Oat Crunch, Dark Chocolate & Almonds and Coffee Toffee.

Caramel Collection | 3 bars | $16
Comfort Collection | 3 bars | $16