Four Seasons Chocolate Spa Treatments

The Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis has selected Bissinger’s decadent chocolate to use in their new signature facial, body and manicure spa treatments. The foundation of Bissinger’s chocolate is our proprietary blend of cocoa beans sourced from the Cote D’Ivorie. High-quality cacao contains antioxidants thought to prevent free radical damage to skin and protect its natural elasticity. Cocoa butter is a natural skin softener and conditioner. Plus, its intoxicating scent has been said to release feel good endorphins for blissful relaxation. A great treat for self indulgence or sharing with friends for a special girls day out. Book your ultimate chocolate relaxation treatment today. Click Here to Learn More

Let our expert spa chocolatiers guide you through the ultimate escape in gourmet luxury. First you will be polished head to toe with finely grated cacao nibs. Your journey continues with a full body cocoa butter application to hydrate and plump freshly exfoliated skin followed by a relaxing hair and scalp cocoa butter conditioning treatment. This is a chocolate lover’s dream. 80 minutes Mon-Thurs $240 Fri-Sun $250

Decadent and Delightful! Silky skin is one scoop away! This antioxidant rich facial will indulge all senses. Cacao, high in antioxidants, will absorb the skin damaging free radicals allowing a fresh layer of skin to surface while the Chocolate Souffle Masque softens the skin, reduces surface wrinkles and revitalizes the skin. To further indulge the senses, relax to a cocoa butter hair and scalp conditioning treatment. 50 minutes Mon-Thurs $150 Fri-Sun $160

The ultimate chocolate experience for your hands! Enjoy a classic manicure with Bissinger’s finely grated cacao nibs, intensive moisturizing massage using Bissinger’s cocoa butter. Nails are polished to perfection. 40 minutes Mon-Thurs $50 Fri-Sun $60 Special events