Bissinger's story begins in 1668 - Paris, France

UPDATED 10/22/2020

Our brand has endured everything under the sun from empire's falling to world wars. The Bissinger family eventually migrated to the United States in the 1800's and continued to craft if famous chocolates, once enjoyed by the King of France. Bissinger's is here for you, tomorrow. We have never strayed away from our mission of handcrafting the finest chocolates in the world. Bissinger's has one of the most amazing intrinsic values, you - our customer. Your loyalty and patronage over the years and generations has given us the drive to wake up at the crack of dawn, hand stir copper kettles of candy and decorate each confection by hand with its signature stripe.

Our business has temporarily changed - our flagship retail store at Plaza Frontenac is BACK OPEN, and our candy kitchen is working with a smaller crew - spaced apart, following strict guidelines by the FDA, CDC, and Local & State Health Department. Our team is staying employed and staying positive. We have created new policies to make sure that our people stay safe. This includes mandatory 20 second hand washing, monitored by our quality team, Social Distancing in our factory, alternating lunch schedules so the break room is only 1/2 full and anyone who is sick does not come into work. We also have daily screening for all staff as they enter the facility. We are SQF Certified (the highest Food Safety Level in the World), We ALWAYS wear gloves, we ALWAYS wear hair nets, beard nets and get a new lab coat every shift. ALL of our employees wear MASKS at work all day. Food Safety is at the core of our business and we will never sacrifice safety. We know that we will get through this and go back to doing what we love to do - make chocolate!

Our CATALOG DEPARTMENT AND WEBSITE is fully functional. We are promptly shipping orders. orders are processing smoothly. We appreciate your business!

1. We are open for business in our catalog division - 1-800-325-8881 (monday-Friday)
2. We have a 'curb side pickup' option at our factory in Saint Louis on the Hill at 5025 Pattison Ave. You can call 1-800-325-8881 and we will prepare your pickup order for you.
3. Our Plaza Frontenac retail store is back open as of 5/18/2020!

Thank you for your continued support, we will get through this together!
-Sincerely the Bissinger's team!