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Paris 1600s | USA 1845

Bissinger's Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Collection

J'adore Bissinger's! A curated Valentine's Day collection that was once ONLY reserved for French Royalty! Signature Heart Gift Boxes, Salted Caramel Hearts, Hand-Decorated Cookies & Mints, Fresh Baked Petits Fours!

Bissinger's Chocolate Assortments

Chocolate Collections

Signature box confections feature our Best-Of-The-Best intriguing tastes and flavor profiles

Chocolate & Fruit

Chocolate With Fruit

Indulge in succulent premium fruit drenched in Bissinger's chocolate for a light but indulgent experience

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Our Story Begins in 1668, Paris France.

At Bissinger's, we take our profound love of chocolate very seriously. Our rich history of confection craftsmanship has endured for over 350 years, when the Bissinger's family was appointed Confiseur Imperial (Confectioner to the Empire) by King Louis XIV in 1668 Paris, France. Once confectioner to the King of France and European nobility, the Bissinger's name has been one of the longest standing names in the confectionery industry. To this day, we remain a family owned business with a true appreciation and love for chocolate.

Our confections were originally created and enjoyed by European nobility and today , we still use the same timeless recipes, crafted in new and inventive ways for all who appreciate a truly luxurious chocolate experience.

We believe in preserving the old world techniques necessary for exquisite quality, using copper kettles and preparing our recipes in small batches using fresh ingredients.

Our goal has never been to be the biggest chocolatier in the world, only the finest.

The Abel Family